Maths Monkeys CIC

Welcome to Maths Monkeys

We aim to make maths fun and accessible for all. We offer a mix of help through one to one tuition, group sessions and assessments. Our group sessions make maths support more affordable than the usual weekly one to one tuition.

What we do best

We specialise in helping those that are really struggling. This is best done by breaking down what an individual understands and where their difficulties started. We can then work at building their knowledge up by making their learning fun through games and activities.

Maths Monkeys CIC
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Mini Monkeys

Under 5's

Mini Monkeys aims to help your little one do more than just recite numbers in sequence. We aim to help your child achieve what will be expected, by school, by the time they reach 5 years old

Maths Monkeys Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Home Education

We offer monthly meet ups to support families with their home ed mathematics learning


One to One

Mathematics Tuition

We offer One to One Mathematics tuition for the following levels

KS1, KS2, KS3,


We offer two types of assessment. A Maths check up where we do a friendly one to one session starting at the very start and run through the foundations that support all Maths learning, with the aim to find where the learning has broken down. And a thorough Dyscalculia screener, with the aim to understand why there are struggles with the maths learning.


We all think about what we eat and do we exercise enough… we should also think about keeping our brain active! What better way to do that than enjoying a game!