Behind the Scenes

The Maths Monkeys Team

Helen Wilkinson

Hi, I am Helen, one of the Directors and founder of Maths Monkeys CIC. 
I have researched different ideas, observed children, listened to parents… and completed many courses. I have learnt about different learning styles, different Maths struggles… and found many fun activities and games to help progress learning! 
My goal is to support as many people as I can. Whether this is through one to one tuition, sharing my games ideas, or advising how a parent can help their child themselves, I will always try to help.
Maths Monkeys CIC
I have done my fair share of Maths exams; Statistics and Maths GCSE, Maths and Further Maths A Levels, Maths Degree and qualified as an Actuary. I also have experience marking Actuarial exams.
I have taken diploma courses in Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, The Complete SEN and Child Psychology. I want to make sure I know how everyone can be helped.
I qualified in 2021 with a PGCert in Dyscalculia. This has helped me understand the needs of those that really struggle in Maths. I am now able to assess for Dyscalculia.

Other Team Members

Maths Monkeys CIC became official in December 2018. I couldn’t have done it without the support of two friends;

Paige Davis. A Developmental Psychologist, who specialises in researching Autism and Imagination

Karen Wood. Who is an Accountant.

They are the backbone to Maths Monkeys CIC and help guide me through all my thoughts and ideas.