We offer a range of services to further support your child’s needs. If your child is struggling with learning mathematics it maybe worth considering your options.

  • An observational report to support an Educational Health Care Plan application: this is available for children already receiving tuition through us. £60.
  • A one hour phone call consultation: this is to discuss your child’s needs and explore whether a Dyscalculia screener or a Maths check up assessment is worthwhile. (10% off a screener/assessment if booked at the end of the conversation). £40
  •  A Maths Check Up Assessment: this explores where their learning has broken down, starting with the very basics. A report will be produced with recommendations on areas to work on. £150.
  • A Thorough Dyscalculia Screener: This is a thorough screener which looks into all areas that may cause struggles in maths learning. A detailed report is provided with recommendations on how to proceed. £300.
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