Group Sessions

Our group sessions currently cater for KS1 and KS2

Our >> Facebook Page << is set up to offer support to home education families by sharing game and activity ideas to help home learning.

We offer small group maths sessions based in York (2-4 kids per group) to support Mathematics learning through play and games, age and ability appropriate, to help youngsters understand and enjoy the different mathematical concepts.

The session prices start from : –
40 minute sessions
2 in a group £12 per child
3 in a group £8.50 per child
4 in a group £7 per child

Alongside our group sessions

we recommend the following

Question Books

Purchase CGP targeted question books at the appropriate level. We can then advise which sections to look at to support your child's learning at home.


Practice regular mental arithmetic exercises at home, whether through books, maths games online or through dice/card games, this has been shown to help a child be more confident and comfortable with their maths learning experiences